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Brian DeCania is a photographer and educator based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the creative alias of deCaniaPhoto, he focuses on creating self-described beautiful, soulful, and engaging images.

Fascinated by the human body, DeCania explores the subject by focusing on a diverse range of models to recreate his artistic visions. He believes there is a boundless amount of beauty in people and the way they carry themselves. Moreover, he attempts to find that beauty in all the types of bodies—male, female, thin, thick, and no matter the color. The driving philosophical idea of his work is the beauty of the nude form.

Brian DeCania ideas take inspiration from classical artists such as one of the founders of Impressionism Edgar Degas and renowned Renaissance Italian painter Michelangelo. Furthermore, modern artists like illustrator Patrick Nagel and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, also inspire him. Additionally, he looks at works from fellow contemporaries like Sam Davis, Brian B. Hayes, and David Mecey for influence as well.

Brian DeCania grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and at a young age, the world of art enticed him. Prior to starting his senior year of high school, DeCania decided to pursue art and make a profession of it. He began his art career in the 1980s when he started working in whatever art related jobs he could find, ranging from graphic design to sculptural projects. For many years, he worked creating tombstones in New Mexico. He continued working construction art trade jobs until 2001. All the while doing photography on the side. DeCania eventually returned to school, received a teaching degree, and became a photography professor.

Under his studio, deCaniaPhoto, he works in digital and analog formats. He uses a variety of cameras such as a Canon 6D and Sigma Glass. His photographic techniques include sculpting light around his subject as he tries to capture the perfect moment before it is gone. Additionally, he likes to experiment with different methods in the darkroom—both physical and digital. He refers to himself as being a "trysexual,” meaning that he is open to trying everything at least once in his photography. For him, art is simply the outcome met through his lens and own perspective of beauty.

Brian DeCania received a Master of Education in Art Education and a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art from the University of Nevada. His work exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions. Furthermore, he has over ten years’ experience teaching photography. However, his biggest accomplishment is the ability to guide young emerging photographers to achieve their potential. Though he teaches photography professionally and shoots privately, he hopes that he can teach privately and shoot professionally.

Aside from photography, Brian DeCania delves in painting, sculpture, and mixed media. However, he always returns to photography, to deCaniaPhoto, the medium he feels the most at home.
Solo Exhibitions

2005 Erased Porn. PopUp Art Show @ Aruba Hotel

Group Exhibitions

2002 UNLV Student Show
2003 UNLV Student Show
2006 Art Institute of Las Vegas Faculty Show
2008 Art Institute of Las Vegas Faculty Show
2018 The Corner Gallery
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